629 Fakir Sulu – 647 Egoza

Fakirpelvan, „Magician Hero", a light liver chestnut stallion was born in 1951 at Ashkabad. He was graded Elite in 1961 and was named the Champion of the Breed at the Moscow Agricultural Exhibition in 1969. He is one of a pair of famous brothers brought from Turkmenistan to Tersk, where they were both effective enough to found their own stallion lines. Fakirpelvan is by 629 Fakir Sulu (Sluchai) and 647 Egoza (line El). Many Akhal-Teke enthusiasts today especially admire Fakirpelvan for his purity of pedigree (i.e. he carries a very small amount of Thoroughbred blood), but in this instance if one looked at his photograph alone and were asked to guess his breed, one might first guess that he is a Thoroughbred Hunter or half-Thoroughbred warmblood. Indeed, over the years that the Soviets had control over the breed in their jurisdiction, the trend has been to breed Akhal-Tekes who are "less exotic" and more toward the European ideal of a warmblood to make them more attractive to exporters. In Fakirpelvan, the extreme type seems to have been successfully avoided; the angular forms one equates with the breed are inevident in his photographs.
Fakirpelvan is inbred 5 x 3 x 4 to Bek Nazar Al, and carries seven lines to Kutli Sakar through 2a Boinou and one to Kutli Sakar through line stallion 220 Sluchai. His dam 647 Egoza is a daughter of line stallion 100 El, and granddaughter of Bek Nazar Dor's brother, line stallion 198 Posman. Line stallion 175 Mele Kush also appears in Fakirpelvan's pedigree. Unfortunately, about a third of his dam lines are simply unknown. Fakirpelvan was bought from the Ashkabad stud by Vladimir Shambourant, along with his half brother 697 Gelishikli, and taken by him to Tersk for using as sires. Both brothers were being underutilized in the Turkmenian breeding program in favor of racing heroes 885 Kambar (line Karlavach) and 914 Polotli (line Peren).
Fakirpelvan's best sons are considered to be 919 Opal and 971 Khalif. Fakirpelvan was also the sire of the great Akhal-Teke jumper gelding Penteli.


Photo from private collection of Aleksander Klimuk