100 EL

247 Tugurbai 177 Elkab

The line-founder 100 El was born in 1932 at the 69th Stud Farm (later to become Komsomol and later still the Niyazov Stud) in Turkmenistan by 247 Tugurbai and 177 Elkab (line 175 Mele Kush). Of his breeding, he is inbred to 2a Boinou 5 x 3 x 5.
As a youngster he was, as Belonogov put it in the Third stud book, "kept in poor condition by underfeeding." Once taken to the Ashkabad Hippodrome, he fared better and proved to be a quality race horse, doing the 2000 meters (roughly a mile and a quarter) in a respectable 2:24 (compare to an average speed of 2:05 for a Thoroughbred running the same distance) as a four-year-old.
El, whose name means "Wind" or "Power," was a golden bay stallion with a short, plain head on a shortish neck; a long back with a very long loin, an excellent croup, good, dry legs and the curious combination of quite long pasterns and rather straight hocks. His lack of depth through the girth was considered at the time to be due to the impoverished circumstances in which he had been raised. He did not have the extremely "dry" conformation and indeed, he was known for suffering occasional swelling of the hocks (which may have been a relic of
his racing days).
El stood at stud at Ashkabad, and there it is said by Belonogov that he sired many offsprings. It would appear that many were sold or conscripted for the war effort, for by 1945 only three of his foals remained: the stallion Enlimez, who was never formally registered, and the mares 1184 Elan and 650 Elmik. Enlimez himself left only a single son, 682 Almaz, and it has been through him that the line of El continues.
Although horses of the line of El have exceptional speed and endurance, the line has often been neglected in breeding because of the horses' plain type. At the present time a great deal of effort is going into improving the type while maintaining the horses' performance abilities, and it was for this reason that the new branch of
Sovkhoz II was begun.