347 Vezir - 60 Barok

432 Karlavach was born in 1939 in Turkmenistan; he was dark buckskin, 156 cm, graded Elite in 1949. He was by 347 Vezir (Toporbai) and 60 Barok.
Karlavach was an excellent race horse, which some people discount on the basis that he carried 12.5% "foreign blood" in the form of a doubling of an English Thoroughbred great-great grandsire, Burlak. However, his conformation is not typical of the English Thoroughbred in any way; and it is more likely that his speed came from the fact that Akhal-Tekes were, at that time, being bred for and tested on the racetrack.
We know a great deal about Karlavach's sire's family, but nothing about his dam except her name: 60 Barok. She is believed to have been purebred. One of Karlavach's most famous sons was also one of the most successful of
Teke race-horses, 885 Kambar.


Photo from Konevodstvo i Konnyi Sport, 6/1982