Mele Khadji Nur - Khodja Bai

244 Toporbai was a golden buckskin stallion who was born in 1918. He was by
Mele Khadji Nur and Khadji Bai. The line of Toporbai is one of the oldest of Russian/Soviet Akhal-Teke lines. Toporbai was inbred 2 x 2 to Baba Akhun and therefore 4 x 4 to 2a Boinou.
Toporbai was not big (154 cm), but he was very effective and temperimental stallion. Toporbai was sold from Turkmenistan to Chelyabinsk and was not used on mares of Akhal-Teke breed. Though before selling he sired several good race-horses and breeding stallions such as Yulduz, 161 Mamed, 173 Mele Kirgi and 044 Tillya Kush.
Toporbai is found in pedigrees today mainly through his son 044 Tillya Kush who is reviled in many circles because of his English Thoroughbred grandfather Burlak. Tillya Kush, however, is noted by Dr. Belonogov as having "inherited his good conformation from this [thoroughbred] grandfather, while at the same time preserving perfectly the Akhal-Teke type. His foals are very typey and well-formed." Tillya Kush was of the old, massive alaman-at or Goklan type, with strong, straight legs and, unusually for both Turkmenian and English Thoroughbreds,
a heavy crest.
Today most of the Toporbai line horses come from 969 Rokot. Toporbai line was particularly used at the Akhalt-Service Stud in Russia through Rokotís son 1069 Kortik.