711 Erkus Ė 1321 Pobeda

The line-founder 779 Peren was born in 1955 in Turkmenistan. He was golden buckskin, 161 cm, graded Elite and was named the Champion of the Breed in 1967. Peren is by 711 Erkus (line Skak) and 1321 Pobeda
(line Ak Belek).
Peren's performance on the race track was good, but not exceptional. Everything else about him was. He was in his day considered to be as "typey" an Akhal-Teke as could be imagined, and his son 914 Polotli, along with
885 Kambar (line Karlavach), went on to become the pride of Turkmenistan. Peren raced four times, winning 3 times, before being retired to stud due to injury.
Perenís offsprings were compact, with good conformation and particular type, so in 1983 started the work with Perenís offsprings as a new line. Peren is inbred 4 x 4 to both 269 Everdi Teleke and Sluchai. Even though Peren himself was tall for a Teke, horses in his line are noted for being on the "small" side.