736 Keimir - 1249 Kelte

Kaplan - "Tiger", was a black stallion born in 1957 at Ashkabad.
He was 161 cm and graded Elite in 1968.
Kaplan was by 736 Keimir (line Kir Sakar) x 1249 Kelte (line Everdi Teleke).
The one fault that most breeders found in Kir Sakar and his line was a lack of type. This was corrected with the birth of 721 Kaplan, who proved himself enough as a sire, so in 1991 he was awarded a line of his own.
Kaplan was a superlative race horse - in six years he ran 26 times and won 17 of those races.
At our farm line Kaplan will be continued through one of his first sons 873 Gulistan.