2300 Zeinab – 1526 Zardiana – 1693 Fortuna – 1388 Fraktsiya – 417-39 Falmarjan -
417 Fantin 50 - Bike

Zeinab comes from a damfamily Fantin which we can trace back to a mare Bike.

417 Fantin 50 was born in 1926 out of Bike by 4 Ag Ishan. She became a damfamily founder.

417-39 Falmarjan was born out of damfamily founder 417 Fantin 50.

1388 Fraktsiya was born out of 417-39 Falmarjan by 429 Kara-Sur. We can name such Fraktsiya`s daughters as 1693 Fortuna (by 682 Almaz), 1386 Forma 34 (by Medok), 1159 Gulyalek (by 834 Fed). Forma`s one daughter 1440 Afisha 21 (by 670 Avangard) is mother to stallion 1026 Alagir 10 (by 668 Absent). Gulyalek`s daughter 1461 Graciya (by 697 Gelishikli) is mother to 1737 Geze (by 910 Opal) – granddam to 1179 Gunesh 22 (out of 2194 Gerda 34 by 995 Kerzi) who is a breeding stallion in Germany at Gestüt Bäuerle Stud. Graciya`s another daughter by 910 Opal - 2010 Mikhmanli is dam to great broodmare 2394 Millet 6 (by 985 Dagestan). Millet is one of the most significant mares of this family, she has given such great horses by 1150 Gaigisiz as mare Margaritka, and stallions 1231 Mangit and Murgab. Not only that they themselves were breed champions, but they already in turn give excellent foals. In fact Murgab is considered to be one of the most outstanding sires nowadays, his offsprings have won numerous titles in Breed Championships. Murgab is also sire to our young stallion Myrat.

1693 Fortuna was born in 1962 out of 1388 Fraktsiya by 682 Almaz.

Zeinab`s mother 1526 Zardiana was born in 1970 out of 1693 Fortuna by 874 Guneshli. Guneshli was a full brother to great stallion 935 Yulduz. Zardiana is mother to sire 1060 Zergyar (by 939 Adat). She has also produced several great broodmares – 2298 Zaremma (by 910 Opal), 2299 Zastava (by 919 Sere), 2744 Zarya (by 1017 Yanichar), 2749 Zukhra (by 1031 Akhmed) and 1779 Zemfira (by 906 Mendju). Zukhra is mother to sire Zakat (by 1039 Galkan) and mare Zakhida (by Murgab) – Champion of Russia in 2004. Zemfira is mother to 2297 Zagadka who was a broodmare at Akhalt-Service Stud. Zagadka`s son Zakhmet is also used at this stud as sire. Zemfira`s other daughter 2210 Greza is mother to 1156 Gapur (by 967 Pudok) – a stallion used in breeding in France at Elevage d´Akhal Stud; and to full sisters (by 1099 Serasker) 2625 Gaisana – broodmare at Stavropol Stud, Grust – broodmare at Achalteke Tukleky Stud, Gulesen – in Germany at Achaltekkiner Zuchtstation Angela Brauer and Gulgadam (by 1039 Galkan) - mother to Gench (by Murgab) - the Champion of the World in 2007, one of the greatest Akhal-Tekes ever bred.

The information is compiled by Kätlin Leisson with the material of and Akhal-Teke Stud Books and with the help of Petra Marešová.